Public Works

Capital Improvements

The CIP includes all active projects and those expected to be undertaken during the coming five fiscal years. Specific projects and their scheduled completions were selected based on:

  • Implementation of the City’s General Plan; and
  • Existing traffic patterns and associated improvement needs; and
  • Projected traffic patterns, based on assumptions regarding the quantity and location of expected development; and
  • The need to establish a coherent roadway network, with strategic connections that distribute traffic flows efficiently; and
  • Minimizing disruptions associated with construction activity; and
  • Availability of funding; and
  • City Council direction.

Current Notice

Citywide Street Maintenance Begins

More than 18 miles of Elk Grove streets will be resealed this fall, as part of the City’s aggressive street maintenance program.

The 2014 Slurry Seal Project will improve the drivability and extend the lifespan of heavily traveled roadways and residential streets in Elk Grove.

The project includes applying slurry seal to more than 75 streets throughout the city. Major roadways to receive a slurry seal include Laguna Springs Drive, E. Stockton Boulevard between Bond Road and Sheldon Road and the intersection of Bruceville Road. and Big Horn Boulevard.

This cost-effective, preventative maintenance will extend the life of the street and prevent costly roadway repairs. The slurry seal replenishes and repairs the pavement surface while providing a uniform, durable and safer surface.

The work will require road and lane closures this November.  Residents and businesses will be notified at least three days in advance of roadway work impacting their street.  No street parking will be allowed on the days scheduled for the slurry seal.  All streets will be open at the end of the work day.

Message signs will be installed to alert motorists of upcoming closures at least three days in advance.  Police and fire vehicles will have access to all streets in the event of an emergency.  Click here for a map of the streets scheduled for slurry seal maintenance. 

For more information, call the City of Elk Grove’s Public Works Department at (916) 683-7111.

Dated: October 21, 2014