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LED Street Light Testing

City Testing LED Street Lights in Elk Grove

The City of Elk Grove, in partnership with SMUD, is exploring a program that could replace all Elk Grove street lights with energy-efficient LEDs beginning this fall.

The City is sampling a variety of LED lights at numerous locations in the city limits, listed below. Community members may notice inconsistent lighting in these areas. Staff is testing three brands of LED lights to analyze each fixtures’ performance.

Residents are encouraged to review the test site locations and provide feedback to the City. Test site locations and maps are below.

Elk Grove is the first city in the region to consider a citywide LED retrofit. The retrofit of 11,000 streetlights throughout Elk Grove could deliver a long-term energy and cost savings by reducing power consumption and maintenance costs. It's estimated that the City could realize more than $400,000 in annual savings after the project is complete.

Residents with questions, concerns or feedback about the street lights are encouraged to call the City’s Public Works Department at 687-3005.

Existing (HPS) vs. Energy Efficient (LED)

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Test Site Location Map and Photo Galleries.


Test Site Locations

  • Big Horn Blvd. between Descendant Dr. and Generations Dr.
  • Sheldon Creek Dr. between Callippe Way and Gossamer Way
  • Suarez Way (entire street)
  • Civic Center Dr. between Bruceville Rd. and Babylon Dr.
  • Elk Grove Blvd. just east of Bruceville Rd. (in the east bound direction)

Existing LED Street Lights/Previous City Projects:

  • 2011 LED Street Light Conversion Project – Elk Grove Blvd. between Franklin Blvd. and Bruceville Rd.; and Laguna Blvd. between Neosho/Santorini Dr. and Old Creek Dr.
  • East Stockton Blvd Soundwall Renovation Project – East Stockton Blvd. between Valley Oak Ln. and Elk Grove Park.