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LED Street Light Installation Project

Existing (HPS) vs. Energy Efficient (LED)

A citywide project is underway to convert nearly 10,000 streetlights to energy-efficient LEDs, bringing down energy costs and electricity usage for the City of Elk Grove. The citywide conversion will deliver a long-term energy and cost savings by reducing power consumption and limiting maintenance costs. It is estimated that the city could realize as much as $400,000 in annual savings after the project is complete. The installation will be completed by March 2015.

The City of Elk Grove collaborated with SMUD for the project, and met regularly to gather input on the best available technology. The City is now eligible for significant incentives under SMUD’s customer incentive programs based on the project’s energy savings. The City tested several brands of LED lights at numerous locations throughout Elk Grove earlier this year and asked for feedback from the community. Locations, maps and photos of the test sites were featured on the City’s website, along with an online feedback form. No road closures or detours will be required for the installations. Minor traffic controls may be in place at some locations. Any traffic delays would be minor and short-term.

For more information about the installation project or the new LED streetlights, contact project manager Jeff Werner at 916-478-3602 or

Click here for map of installation locations.

Map of installation locations.

LED Street Light Pilot Project
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