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Cosumnes River Preserve
Cosumnes River Preserve

The stretch of Laguna Creek from Highway 99 to Calvine Road and Franklin Road is a preserved area, comprised of the natural creek system and the manmade bypass channel.  The bypass channel serves two main functions; allowing water to flow when storm water runoff is too much for the creek to handle and providing essential habitat for migratory birds.

A trail on the north side of the bypass channel serves as access for hikers, bikers and joggers, with a paved trail soon to come. The trail does break up between Lewis Stein Road and Bruceville Road, but begins once again just west of Bruceville Road.  Due to the sensitivity of the natural preserve, no public access is allowed until a connecting trail is built.

Laguna Creek is also preserved from the Camden area to the intersection of Bond and Waterman Roads. When the subdivision there was built, Camden Lake was created in Elk Grove Creek, supporting a wide variety of waterfowl.  The north side has a trail that follows the creek all the way to Bond and Waterman.

Even though Elk Grove Creek has been realigned over the years by agricultural users, there are still many old-growth trees and species of heron found on the trail adjacent to the creek.

Shed B Channel, created to move runoff water from the East Franklin Specific Area toward Stone Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, is the first of its kind.  It incorporates flood control, wildlife habitat, recreation, and water quality mitigation.

Just outside the City, with access from Elk Grove Boulevard, is the Stone Lakes National Wildlife Refuge. Guided tours, bird watching opportunities and even leisurely kayaking are available on a limited basis.  For more information and for their schedule, visit

Plus, the Cosumnes River Preserve is just a stone’s throw away. Open most weekends of the year from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., visitors can enjoy walking and hiking trails, paddling on the Cosumnes, and much more. More information is available at

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