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Speed Control Program


Car speedingPublic safety is a high priority for the City of Elk Grove, and we want to make sure our streets and neighborhoods are safe. That’s why the Elk Grove City Council adopted a Speed Control Program on November 12, 2008 that allows residents to work with city staff to identify tools to address speeding in your neighborhoods. Here’s how it works:

  1. Resident submit a completed Speed Control Program Petition Form.
  2. City staff review the requested street based on the initial qualifying criteria.
  3. City staff evaluate and rank the qualified street based on the traffic counts and speed survey collected and adjacent land uses.
  4. Residents vote on the proposed devices installed on the requested street – 50% response rate with 67% of respondents in favor.

Petitions submitted by November 23rd will be in the upcoming evaluation and ranking cycle for construction in 2012-13.  Petition submitted after November 23rd will be placed in the following years’ cycle.


Requires pdf reader Speed Control Program Guidelines
Requires pdf reader.Speed Control Program Petition Form
Requires pdf reader Fact Sheet

Speed Control Program 2011/2012 Status
Ranking Street Name Street Segment Estimated Total Cost Status
N/A Rhone River Drive Mosher to Rhone Valley Way $2,500 Stop signs and speed limit signs were the only proposed improvements. Improvements were completed as part of the standard traffic request process
N/A Blue Maiden Way Shasta Lily to Power Inn $1,000
1 Laguna Oaks Dr Laguna Woods to Laguna Park $63,000 City Council approved the improvements on 3/13/2013. City Council awarded a construction contract on 6/11/2014 and the Speed Control Program is available to move forward with construction.
2 Mainline Drive Waterman to Black Swan $38,000
3 Freitag Way Myknons to Testerman $34,000
4 Laguna Park Dr Weeping Fig to Old Creek $57,000 City Council approved the improvements on 3/13/2013. Design and construction for the improvements will move forward once funding is available
5 Waterfowl Drive Riparian to Migration $52,000
6 Lismore Dr Elk Grove-Florin to Falcon Meadow $40,000
7 Lakemont Dr Heritage Hill to Alameda Park $32,000
8 Careyback Ave Boreal to Warmsprings TBD Community Outreach Process is on-hold
9 La Nuez Dr Grove to Emerald Park TBD
10 Cortino Way/Novara Way Gavirte to Gavirte TBD
11 Salmon Creek Dr Bond to Stone Springs TBD
12 Banff Vista Dr East Stockton to Emerald Vista TBD

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